iTunes 11.2 (Part Two)

More fun with iTunes 11.2…

  • Now I see iTunes has lost track of dozens of podcast files I’ve saved.  I guess this is because of the new way of displaying files.  I can select from the Feed and my Saved Episodes.  It seems like “Unplayed/My Episodes and Saved” would be the setting which would display everything but it doesn’t.  For example, all episodes of “Home Theater Geeks” should exist on my hard drive, but if I select “Unplayed/My Episodes and Saved” there’s an inexplicable gap between episodes 206 and 196.  (Same with “Unplayed/My Episodes”.)  If I select “Saved Episodes” the most recent episode is 185.  And if I click on Feed, I see listings for 206 through 197 — which also shows that 206 through 201 do indeed still exist on my hard drive.  Once again Ihave to ask why did Apple feel the need to fix something that was already working?!  Just list the damned files, don’t sort them, don’t hide them.  And now I’m left with some half-assed half-filled assembly that is worthless and untrustworthy,  It’s totally fucked up, and, even worse, it also shows that iTunes deleted several files without my permission.
  • Why does iTunes insist on trying to update feeds I have unsubscribed from?!  It doesn’t know what unsubscribed means?!
  • I figured out why it keeps ignoring the “Unplayed Podcasts” playlist I’ve created.  It’s because I was trying to use iTunes Match.  As soon as I disabled iTunes Match, my playlists came back. I guess this makes sense – except for the fact Apple supposedly separated podcasts and their music app.  Why should the iTunes Match music affect a podcast playlist?
  • I have you set to not delete podcasts after I listen to them.  SO STOP DELETING PODCASTS AFTER I LISTEN TO THEM!!!
  • At least one good thing: I like the way it recognizes when I’ve played something on my phone. I don’t need to synch my phone for it to know I’ve already played something and can remove it from my “Unplayed Podcasts” playlist.
  • …And now iTunes is giving me the “iTunes has stopped updating this podcast because you have not listened to any episodes recently. Would you like to resume updating this podcast?” for feeds I’ve just…fucking…listened to! I play an episode in the morning and get that fucking ‘exclamation mark’ error in the afternoon.  What the fuck!  God damn it!!!

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