iTunes 11.2 / Podcasts 2.1

Live blogging the installation:

  • The iTunes 11.2 instructions say I need Podcasts 2.1.  How come it’s not available.
  • Wait… iTunes shows no updated Podcasts app, but my phone does.  Yeah, that makes sense.  Downloading it through my phone to copy over to iTunes.
  • …Well, Apple got me again.  I keep thinking “update” means “improvement” but I’ve wound up with an updated Podcasts app I cannot use at all.  The goddamned thing crashes every time I open it.  Don’t you guys do any beta testing before you start flinging files around?
  • Rebooting my phone didn’t make a difference.  Podcasts app still a useless piece of shit.  Am using the Pocket Casts app to keep up with my daily listens.  Imagine that, a podcast app that plays podcasts!  That’s a concept you might try, Apple.
  • Okay, I deleted Podcasts from my phone and recopied it from the iTunes version.
  • At least the app stays open now, but for reason it’s evidently downloading a couple hundred files to my phone — pretty much all of which I’ve already played before.  Fuck!
  • Now what!  I can’t delete items from a smart playlist in iTunes.  Jesus Christ, Apple!  Can’t you guys update an application without fucking up stuff that’s worked perfectly well before??!!
  • Shut off automatic downloading in the Podcasts app (on the phone) but still had to go through hundreds of listings to delete them…only to have them start returning.  I guess I have to Mark them As Played instead.  Funny how THEY’RE ALREADY MARKED AS PLAYED in iTunes, goddammit.  I’ve got a playlist already set in iTunes that copies all the podcasts I want to listen to, but the Podcasts app consistently ignores it.  It’s like it thinks it can reinvent the wheel…but doesn’t know anything about curves.
  • I should know better than to expect “The Cloud” to pay any attention to my Mac desktop.  I do all my work on my desktop with only occasional changes on my phone, but iCloud is so geared toward slavishly following iOS that my Mac desktop is treated like iOS’s ugly cockblocking friend.
  • I miss the old days of iSync, when you can tell “The Cloud” to put an emphasis on this computer.  If changes are made, this computer’s changes take precedence.  That would sure solve most of my problems…but of course that capability is no longer available.  Because Apple updated it.

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